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Our NEW EP arrives Monday May 8th!

Friday, April 28th, 2017


DLC the OST is a concept album and a satire on how the modern gaming industry releases a polished “commercial product” to the public. The idea is WHAT IF the music industry followed this business model? How much of a song would you hear before you purchased the rest of it as DLC? Here is our version to ponder and discuss.

The main track “DLC the OST (Season Pass edition)” is the entire track with all the corresponding DLC included. However, you can hear the “product” in game industry form on track 4’s “DLC the OST (Standard Release)” as well as the “Drums DLC” content following it. Enjoy!

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Public Releases May 8th, 2017 or subscribe with the link above to get it now!




Seth & Michelle 🙂 🙂