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Apple II DMS SYNTHESIZER & Drummer Software WITH MIDI!
by MJ Mahon, Charles Mangin & 8 Bit Weapon



Introducing the Digital Music Synthesizer(DMS)  & Drummer with USB MIDI for Apple II personal computers! The DMS is the only wavetable synthesizer for the Apple //e, IIc, and IIc+ computers that is suitable for performance use. It supports up to 8 voices, which can be selected from the 10 on disk, and played (monophonically) from the Apple II keyboard. It can be used to “record” a performance for later playback as well. Also, the DMS doesn’t require a monitor! Just turn on your Apple II and when the drive light goes off. Then hit the space bar you’re ready to play live~!

DMS Synth & Drum Machine demos (with eq/effects):

Sounds on disk are: Acoustic Piano, Vibraphone, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Bass, Trumpet, Clarinet, square wave, sawtooth wave, sine wave, and (for Bud Melvin)… Banjo!

The amazing DMS Drummer is included for Apple II personal computers as well! The DMS Drummer is the only wavetable based Drum Sequencer for the Apple //e, IIc, IIc+, and IIGS computers. It comes complete with 8 drum sounds: Bass, Snare, Rim Shot, Hand Clap, Tom, Hat Open, Hat Closed, and Lazer. DMS Drummer also has a massive sequencer built-in for song writing or just some creative noodling. The DMS Drummer monophonic sequencer patterns have 16 spaces. You can create up to 16 unique drum patterns and arrange them into 256 available arrangement slots. Each drum sound can also be re-pitched or “tuned” to the users preference inside the “Tone” section of any pattern. For example, you can take the single tom sound and create a rich sequence of multiple toms in various pitches like in our demo song. Each song sequence can be saved on disk as well for safe keeping.

Features: 8 Drum Sounds (tune-able)
16 Programmable Patterns
256 Arrangement Slots for Patterns
Programmable Tempo
Saves your work
3 Demo Sequences by 8 Bit Weapon & ComputeHer

Requirements: Apple //e(need a Super Serial Card for the IIe), IIc, IIc+, or IIgs
computer with 80-column capability
5.25” floppy disk drive


A2.DMS II User’s Manual

DMS Drummer II manual


OUT OF STOCK– Please CHeck Back Later.

1) Apple IIe/GS etc version – Mac or PC -usb midi interface, IIe/Gs/etc cables, and double sided dms synth/drummer disk. $60 + FREE Shipping ***USA ONLY***
2) Apple IIc version – Mac or PC – usb midi interface, IIc cables, and double sided dms synth/drummer disk. 60+ IIC cable + FREE Shipping ***USA ONLY***

Here is a detailed demonstration video presented by Charles Mangin himself:


 Check out the Fairlight Synth by Peter Vogel:


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