Our RPG, Ancient Legends Released!

Thursday, July 21st, 2016

Ancient Legends is a fantasy Role Playing game made for the Apple II series of home computer created by 8 Bit Weapon and friends! The game was created as a DEMO for the Outlaw Editor!

Download your free Ancient Legends copy here:


Download an Apple II emulator for Windows here:  http://wsxyz.net/applewin.html
The Story: You are Quinn of Thane, the westernmost island in Merkania. Since the last of great wars your family has lived in peaceful seclusion for generations. Raised on ancient legends, you have often dreamed of exploring what lies beyond the island. You surmise that dark times must have befallen the mainland, as dark creatures now sully the sanctuary of your island home as well.

Now you are the last of your line and have decided to venture to the mainland and seek your fortune! You pack your things, take your family’s heirloom amulet for luck and enter the forest for adventure…

The game is a demo for the powerful Outlaw Editor game development system:

Enjoy, adventurer!

Outlaw Editor Demo Credits:
Produced & Directed by Seth Sternberger of 8 Bit Weapon
Coding – Martin Haye, Brendan Robert, and Dave Schmenk
Font Code – Andrew Hogan
Graphics – Seth Sternberger
Scenario – Seth Sternberger
Playtesting & Quality Assurance – Andrew Schultz

To make your own games get your free copy of Outlaw Editor here:


Seth & Michelle 🙂 🙂

4 comments on “Our RPG, Ancient Legends Released!

  1. DOUG DINGUS says:

    Hey, I’m playing this tonight. Real hardware, 80’s era TV. Great experience so far. Thank you!

  2. Caffinator says:

    I may just have to try this out. Looks great.

    Do you happen to have any influence on getting that old NGage game that you made music for revived from death? The game Reset Generation was so much fun and there is no way to play it anymore (unless you happen to have an old NGage device with the game already on it I guess).
    If the IP owner allows, it might have a chance on Kickstart or Indiegogo.

  3. dndwarlock1 says:

    Thanks man for such information. I have been looking for this game so long. I will definitely be trying out this stuff. And also the window compatible emulator thanks a lot for all these

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