Lost Bytes: 2001-2017 released!

Thursday, May 21st, 2020

Greetings Everyone!

This album is a series of demos and ideas that would likely never be heard if it weren’t for this pesky pandemic! These 14 tracks cover 16 years and were picked from 32 unreleased projects.

Instruments Used:
Commodore 64 (USA Version)
Commodore 128 (USA Version)
Commodore 64 (German Version (Thank you FirestARTer <3))
Game Boy (Original 1989 Version)
Nintendo Entertainment System
Apple II
Quasimidi Sirius
Roland Vintage Keys Module
Elektron SIDstation
Korg 01/w Module
Korg Microkorg (Vocoder & Synth)
Korg Volka Keys
Casiotone PT-82

Midicart by XIK for Nintendo Entertainment System
Ableton LIVE 9 for IBM & Compatables
DMS & DMS Drummer for Apple II
Little Sound DJ V4.5 and earlier for Game Boy
Cakewalk 3.0 for IBM & Compatables
Mssiah for C64/128


Stay safe! ❤

Seth & Michelle

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